Arena Green

Each of the 135 apartments and suites at Arena Copacabana Hotel are designed in a sustainable way with the use of green technology and a focus on resource saving. Through the use of several innovative, eco-friendly initiatives, we are committed to energy and water conservation, recycling and reducing waste in an effort toward increased bio-diversity.

Sustainable Features: 

Reduction of water consumption:

  • We use Fabrimar Showers, a member of the Green Building Council, to save water.
  • All shower water is treated and recycled for use by toilets.

Waste reduction:

  • The oil used in the kitchens is stored and collected by a certified recycling company.

Energy efficiency:

  • Indoor lighting systems in public areas are equipped with motion detectors to minimize energy consumption.
  • We use LED technology with a consumption up to 80% lower compared to conventional lighting.
  • Our devices are the least energy consuming on the market and have the seal of category A of PROCEL - National Program for Energy Conservation.
  • Our façades have windows with protection from UV rays. This thermal insulation results in a smaller consumption of acclimatization, since sunscreens reduce by 30% the spent on air conditioner.
  • The Ipanema Hotel Arena and the Arena Leme Hotels already have the PBE-Build Class A label certification that proves compliance with strict energy efficiency requirements. PBE-Build ensures that there is no type of waste or misuse of energy resources and carbon dioxide emissions and they guarantee that the building practices environmentally friendly measures.

Biodiversity protection:

  • Ecological furniture: The hotel was built in an environmentally sound manner. In respect to environmental sustainability, we use wood certified by the FSC.
  • The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an independent organization that ensures sustainable forest management taking into account the environment and ensuring the rights of local workers and their communities.
  • We care about sustainability in all facets of hotel operations, promoting good practices to reduce water and paper consumption and properly separate all waste products. As an example we work in partnership with Zero Waste Movement for the collection of such waste. Zero Waste Movement's mission is to show through information, to all Brazilians, regardless of social class, their responsibility and their role to preserve our planet and reach a level of “Zero Waste.”